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Ghost Walk

October 28, 2022

     - This will be a self-guided tour. Patrons will be able to walk downtown at their own pace and hear ghost stories told by our storytellers at numbered spots throughout downtown.

     - Patrons can buy their tickets for the downtown tour at Memorial Hall starting at 5:30 on Friday, October 29th. Upon getting their ticket, they will receive a map of the downtown with numbered ghost story locations marked on it for them to follow.

     - If patrons want to hear every ghost story, their ticket must be bought by 6:45 to be able to move through each stop by the end of the evening.

     - Stories will be told every 15 minutes. First story told at 6:00, last story told at 8:45.

     - Each story will last between 7-10 minutes, giving patrons plenty of time to walk to the next stop.

     - Local restaurants will be open to partake in DORA as patrons partake in the evening’s event.

Ghost Walk

October 29 & 30, 2022

     - Gates open at 5:45 at Greenville Cemetery to purchase tickets.

     - Guests will be put into 3-4 groups and led through the cemetery by a tour guide. 

     -Storytellers will be placed throughout the cemetery at certain graves to tell their stories of local legends, lore, and ghostly tales. 

     -This tour usually lasts about an hour and a half.

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