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DCCA Directors

David Warner, Andrea Jordon, Tamara McNulty, Keith Rawlins


A Note from Executive Director, Andrea Jordan: DCCA provides a beautiful vision of the arts reflecting throughout our community, and the 2019-2020 KALEIDOSCOPE Season continues that legacy. It has been a joy and a privilege to work beside our out-going Artistic Director, Keith Rawlins, and I welcome David Warner to the DCCA Crew, confident in his passion for our mission of cultural enrichment. Thank you all for recognizing the importance of the arts in our community and I look forward to a BRILLIANT upcoming season of events.


A Note from departing Artistic Director, Keith Rawlins: I have spoken often about the unique nature of each and every live performance. Much like a kaleidoscope image, an arts experience is beautiful, is always a surprise, and is made up of many different individual parts. No matter how well you describe it later, only those who saw it in that moment will truly be able to share the experience. That beauty happens only once. But, then something amazing happens! The end of that moment isn't really the end. There is something new and surprising around every turn. You discover another original and different kind of beautiful. And it can happen again and again in infinite rotations. So many elements, including each of us, come together to create the beautiful one-of-a-kind moments that come from the arts. Cherish those moments when we have looked through this "artistic keyhole" together, and remember that the next look will also be as uniquely beautiful. Keep turning!

A Note from incoming Artistic Director, David Warner: I am extremely honored to accept the position of artistic director for this dynamic organization. Keith Rawlins has presented a long list of outstanding performances for the past 15 years and I am eager to make a positive contribution to future programming. I look forward to promoting the variety of series we offer, but especially our Arts in Education series that brings professional artists to all Darke County schools, grades K-12. DCCA is one of only a handful of organizations across the U.S. that provide this cultural enrichment to students free of charge. The 41st DCCA season is set to kick off July 12th with Barbecue and Blues held on the Greenville Library lawn. I appreciate the community support of this event and look forward to serving our Trustees, Patrons and Sponsors for the upcoming season.


A Note from Anna Bier Gallery Director, Tamera McNulty: It has been such an incredible season. I am delighted with the caliber of artists we have had the privilege to showcase this past year thanks to the continued and much-appreciated support of our sponsors, gallery members, and local art enthusiasts. With a beautiful and thought-provoking collection of political cartoons, an alluring exhibit of landscape photography, and two inspiring multimedia collage exhibits, the bar has definitely been raised. Children from the community captured our imagination once again during our second annual elementary exhibit; and of course the year-end finale did not disappoint with an arresting variety of Darke County's finest high school students. We are very excited about our upcoming season and look forward to sharing some exceptional talent. See you in the gallery!

Board of Directors

Chairman — Ryan Cox

Vice Chair — Julie Strait

Treasurer — Becky Luce

Secretary — Kathy Warner



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